The Powerful Symbolism in the Ramadan Tent Project Logo

The Ramadan Tent Project logo was thoughtfully crafted to encompass the objectives of Ramadan Tent Project, which are to:

* Cater for the homeless and individuals in need, through the provision of food and beverages during the month of Ramadan. In addition to providing a social space for interaction and fostering social bonds between people from all walks of life.

* Provide Muslims with a platform to engage with individuals and other communities to discuss their faith and combat stereotypes.

* Bringing together international and UK students to enjoy a festive and a harmonious Ramadan.

If you look closely, you will notice that there are twenty-nine shapes in the tent because there are twenty-nine days during the month of Ramadan, with the crescent added as a completion of the start and end of Ramadan, totalling thirty days.

Each piece of the tent varies slightly in shape, size, and shade to complete a beautiful picture. This represents the Ramadan Tent Project community, comprised of numerous cultures, nationalities, and unique individuals. Together, each person helps construct the enriching community spirit.

Additionally, there are seven layers in the tent logo, symbolizing the seven heavens spoken of in the Quran (see Quran 17:44, 65:12, 71:15). The three sides of the tent represent Islam, Ihsan and Imaan. Islam, a religion of peace; Ihsan, the idea of showing faith through good deeds and actions; and Imaan, a concept of faith. The logo, like Ramadan, is both simple as well as intricately significant when you look a little further into what it really means.





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