RTP Founder at the Forefront of Integration Discussions in the UK

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Earlier this month, the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) and Institute of British Geographers (IBG) hosted an event titled, “21st Century Challenges: Integrated Britain?” The event was held to discuss integration in Britain and explore the question, “Are We Sleepwalking into Segregation?” Over the last decade Continue reading “RTP Founder at the Forefront of Integration Discussions in the UK”


From Volunteer to Champion: Warm-hearted letter from Ilyaas Nagdee


Ilyaas at RTP Manchester 2015

 Last year, during the hectic period of Exams and Sister’s Wedding Madness (around mid-May), I got a text from a friend I had met on a delegation to Bosnia just two months earlier about a project she had been involved in for a year called Ramadan Tent Project ; and she wondered if I’d be interested. She said she’d pass my number on to Omar who I had a brief chat with and before the end of the day I was in an RTP Meeting with the Manchester Team.

I had experience in organising small scale events and had helped in the management of larger ones but nothing would be enough to prepare me for the task of Ramadan Tent Project. I remember throughout all of June I was super stressed about what was going to happen and Mohamed and Marium kept telling me it was going to be fine. I thought they were crazy, turns out they were right. Continue reading “From Volunteer to Champion: Warm-hearted letter from Ilyaas Nagdee”

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