TimeOut – Open Iftar project

Here is an extract of the TimeOut’s interview given by our Founder Omar Salha about RTP #OpenIftar :

“There’s a great sense of achievement seeing strangers from all walks of life break their fast together with water and medjool dates. Everyone sits on the grass, sharing their meal with people of different ethnicities, faiths and nationalities, laughing and chatting despite having only met that night. The food celebrates the diversity of our community: Jamaican, Turkish, Malaysian, Indonesian. There are even burgers and chips! There’s a real sense of joy and euphoria. It’s like a massive family coming together, finding out they have a long-lost cousin they never knew about.”

Read more here : https://www.timeout.com/london/news/this-londoners-open-iftar-project-has-served-up-60-000-ramadan-meals-052518


Young Muslim & British

This week our Founder Omar Salha was the guest of Rageh Omaar in the Episode 3 – Revealing UK Muslims’ generosity during Ramadan.

In this episode we hear about the events, iftars and charity initiatives taking place across the country during Ramadan.

“If the charity work being done by Muslims was given the same airtime as stories which give a bad name to British Muslims, we’d see very different engagement between faith groups”, says RTP’s founder, Omar Salha.

Watch more of Young, British and Muslim:

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