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Covid-19, Mental Health, and the Muslim Community

During and after Ramadan 2020, Ramadan Tent Project worked alongside Inspirited Minds to better understand the mental health experiences within the Muslim community. We asked you to fill out a short survey that would help provide a better understanding of this topic. The findings from this survey have provided us with valuable insights into the intersection between mental health in the community, the impact of Covid-19 and how this impacted Ramadan 2020.

CEO Series – the impact of Covid-19 on community organisation

Foyezur Miah: ‘The impact of Covid 19 will have a ripple effect on community organisations for at least 3 years

RTP Research & Policy

FOYEZUR MIAH is CEO – QCCA, VSO strategist & entrepreneur, and founder of Camden Community Consortium. C4 improves the living conditions and the mental and physical well-being of people in Camden by galvanising private, public and voluntary sector support to provide services and facilities. He is also the Co-founder of C4 and a VCSO rep on the Health & Wellbeing board.

RTP Research & Policy: How is Corona impacting your organisation in particular?

Foyezur Miah: “All front line activities had to be stopped on 20th Mar which meant some 60 staff were sent home. Financially, we are losing income from trading activities Circa £60k per month on top of a monthly liability of £72k. The 80% furlough is yet to be determined and not as simple as it sounds. We are also losing valuable time to fundraise to secure the future as we are always planning 2-3 years in advance. The impact of Covid 19 will ripple to 3 years minimum.”

RTP Research & Policy: what are the main challenges going forward?

Foyezur Miah: “responding to the needs of disadvantaged communities who for lots of reasons don’t have access to food, household supplies and medication. There are a lot of unknowns – not knowing when it will be safe to open; charity reserves will deplete in the month, and is something which poses risk of business continuity; many funders have been hit by the stock market and on real estate. This means they won’t be able to give the same level of funding in future.”

RTP Research & Policy: what innovative steps have you seen that have made managing complex operations easier?

Foyezur Miah: “We have developed and launched a Fight C19 help centre that provides hot food, shopping services, food bank, food delivery, dog walking and medication pick up services for vulnerable adults and disadvantaged people.”

The CEO Series tracks the impact of Covid-19 on charities and social enterprises. As a public health crises like no other, it is imperative we understand Covid-19 is impacting our communities who will have to build, and re-build in the wake of the virus’ destruction.

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